My name is Kelli Cleveland. I live with the belief that everything will make for a good story one day, and if you know me, you’ll know that they will be LONG stories. With plenty of side stories and turn arounds.

My family has lived in Louisiana, Florida and now in Texas. We have traveled, explored and experienced life to the fullest. These memories have helped shape the way I look through my camera lens. I am now a wife, and a mother of two precious boys, and photography is the my creative outlet.  It also helps me find humor in our misadventures. Nothing is so terrible that I can’t at least get a good picture and a great story out of it.

This is why photography has always been such a good fit for me.  I knew as soon as I held a camera that I naturally gravitated towards this medium. My goal is to not only find beauty in those chaotic moments, but to capture them in a way that will evoke the same feelings looking at the photos ten years from now as you have at the time they are taken.  The creativity, interaction, and emotion are what keep me doing it even when my schedule will barely permit it.

Based in Houston, Texas

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